Sustainability and QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) management practices ensure that our operations are safe for all personnel involved, environmentally responsible,  and compliant with regulations.

Sustainability Management:

Waste Minimization: Bordis implements strategies to minimize waste generation during drilling and waste management processes. This involves using efficient separation technologies to reduce the volume of waste generated.

Recycling and Reuse: Our processes aim at recycling and reusing materials/waste from drilling operations. This includes recycling drilling fluids, repurposing recovered drilling cuttings and materials, and reusing treated water.

Energy Efficiency: The innovative technologies implemented by Bordis aim to optimize energy usage in our client´s processes. We also implement energy-saving practices across all our operations.

Emission Reduction: Bordis monitors and manages emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants from our operations. We Implement controls and technologies to reduce these emissions.

Stakeholder Engagement: Engagement with local communities, clients, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders is crucial for our organization to address concerns and build positive relationships. Transparency is key to gaining trust.


QHSE Management:

Quality Management: Bordis Implements processes to ensure the highest quality of service delivered to our clients. This involves setting quality standards, conducting regular inspections maintenance programs, and ensuring all employees are properly trained to meet these standards. Our QHSE management system is a structured framework with clearly defined QHSE policies and measurable objectives.

Health and Safety Management: We prioritize our employees’ and contractors’ health and safety. Bordis has developed comprehensive safety protocols, provided proper training, and conducted regular safety audits, particularly important in high-risk industries like waste management.

Environmental Management: We develop and implement policies and practices to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. This can include measures to prevent spills, manage hazardous materials, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Risk Assessment: Our organization identifies and assesses potential risks associated with our operations and develops mitigation strategies. This involves conducting risk assessments, emergency response planning, and ongoing monitoring for mitigation effectiveness.

Compliance: Bordis stays up-to-date with relevant regulations and ensures our operations comply with all applicable laws. This includes environmental regulations, health and safety standards, and industry-specific requirements.

Auditing and Monitoring: Bordis´ HSE department performs regular audits, coordinate inspections, and assessments to ensure compliance and identify areas for improvement.  Our management system is based upon the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle which incorporates a feedback loop to assess and improve our operations/practices continuously.

Communication: Bordis has established channels for effective communication within the company including employee safety committees and with external stakeholders regarding QHSE matters.