About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage our wide geographical and broad international experience and understanding of client needs with technical partnering to deliver optimal solutions for effluent management.

WHO Is bordis?

Bordis is a Canadian Company registered in Alberta and Nova Scotia. We are presently pursuing projects across Canada, in the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Bordis are targeting industries in regions that have growth potential in resource development and infrastructure projects.

Our expectation is that all projects will be managed with stringent compliance to ESG expectations of stakeholders and governments.

Corporate values

How we will execute


Sound moral and ethical principles will always be used to ensure that we “do the right thing”. Relationships will be built on honesty, trust, and openness.


All people will be expected to be personally responsible to honor their commitments to clients, technical providers, and each other. People will own their work and always work transparently to admit and correct mistakes to the best of their ability.


Differences between people will be recognized and acknowledged for their value to ensure there is a culture of inclusion and acceptance.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

ESG standards will always be central factors in the decisions taken to ensure
sustainability is maintained during and subsequent to all operational execution.


To innovate, keep learning, continuously improve, elevate productivity, and demonstrate commitment.


Leadership to bring entities and organizations together to generate value and social benefit to areas of operation.

Business Model

Strategy for Success

Represent companies with enabling technologies (“Technology Partners”) to user clients who are seeking to generate value from optimal solutions to their management of process and waste fluids and separation, treatment or disposal of solids.

Apply Bordis experience and knowledge of the oil and gas business, in multiple international locations and diverse cultures, to generate innovative concepts and process applications in other targeted market segments that utilize similar technologies.

Conduct business with strict adherence to the values agreed between the client, Technical Partner and Bordis to safeguard the reputations of all while meeting or exceeding local regulatory compliance.

Develop and maintain positive relationships with locals in the regions where business is conducted. Long term growth objectives would maximize development and training of locals for business sustainability.