Bordis Effluent Solutions

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Optimal Solutions for Industrial Effluent Management

Bordis does not just quote and sell equipment.  We want our clients to achieve the most cost effective and fit for purpose solution to their effluent management problem or objectives while always maintaining focus on ESG compliance and best practices.

Bordis collaborates with our clients to understand how their particular industrial process incorporates their input and/or working fluids to generate their required output waste specification.

Bordis partners with companies that operate with the same values we do.  Our partners have a range of unique patented or existing technologies that can be applied to problems in many industries.

We leverage our partner relationships to foster the specific knowledge, expertise, and experience to develop the right solution for our clients.

Bordis applies a systems approach and basic project management principles with full asset lifecycle consideration for capital and operating costs.

Our Solutions

Wastewater Treatment

Separation, filtration and compliance with regulations and environmental standards for wastewater discharge.

Insitu Remediation

Contaminant removal from soil and ground water, salt contamination remediation.

Solids control, fluid recovery & waste disposal minimization

Solids separation, drying, dewatering, ultra fines removal, and fluid reconditioning.

Real Time Fluid Monitoring

Fluid properties and contamination contents for compliance to required specifications.

Consultant Services

Total fluids management, well construction, project management, waste management, process and environmental engineering.

Our Vision

To become a premier provider of ESG friendly and cost-effective technical solutions for the recovery, restoration, and volume reduction of production process fluids and effluents across multiple industries.

What We Provide

Develop alternative ideas and concepts

Develop alternative ideas and concepts to arrive at the selection of the right system or specific equipment within the client`s required budget.

Detailed design reviews

Lead detailed design reviews with the client and technical partner to ensure the system or equipment has the functionality, maintainability, and operability to deliver on the client`s objectives and arrive at the optimal final cost.

Assist with optimizing execution planning

Assist with optimizing execution planning for installation of systems or standalone equipment.

Provide commissioning, training & procedures

Provide commissioning, training and procedures to ensure the client`s personnel can reliably operate and own the process equipment.

Provide service support

Provide service support whenever required once operations commenc.