Bordis Effluent Solutions is an independent solutions company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We currently have an office in Bogotá, Colombia (Bordis Colombia) to serve the Latin American service industry by importing and operating cutting-edge technology to some of the most remote areas in the region. 

Operations in colombia

Bordis Colombia was established in 2020 as an oil and gas service company for the well-established drilling industry in Colombia.

We operate primarily in the remote regions of Arauca and Magdalena, where Bordis was the first company to introduce Electro-Separation Cell (ESC) technology and CSI-D4 Cuttings Dryers to the region. 

Our in-situ customized system utilizes state-of-the-art equipment has: 

Demonstrated the ability to recover oil-based mud (OBM) AND water-based mud (WBM) off drilled cuttings with our CSI-D4 Dryers. 

Added unparalleled base oil recovery, water separation, and mud cleaning ability, to Bordis’ overall system with the ESC technology. 



Waste reduction

Oil Recovery

*Based on Bordis Colombia performance data. 4,743 bbl of OBM/WBM mud recovered from 10,739 bbl drill cutting processed as of Aug 31, 2023 with CSI-D4 Dryer. 

*Based on Bordis Colombia performance data. 2750 bbl of contaminated OBM treated with ESC technology with 1461 bbl out of 1650 bbl available oil recovered 


Have specific requirements in remote locations? 

Bordis Colombia, since its inception, has been providing high-performance, innovative, and customized equipment to conquer any task. 

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Bordis Colombia is the only company in the region effectively drying water-based mud (WBM) cuttings using our CSI-D4 technology. The CSI-D4 also delivers the highest standard of drying OBM drill cuttings.

Presently, Bordis Colombia is the only provider of CSI-D4 Vertical Cuttings Dryers (VCD) in Colombia.

During 2022, Bordis processed 7323 barrels of OBM cuttings operating in 6 locations across Colombia.  This resulted in 3502 barrels of OBM being recovered.

During 2023, Bordis Processed 10484 barrels of OBM cuttings and 6779 barrels of WBM cuttings in various locations across Colombia. This resulted in 3844 barrels of OBM and 3795 barrels of WBM being recovered and solid waste reduction averaging between 44-61%.


Operating in Batch or Flow-Thru mode, the ESC (Electro Separation Cell) is capable of processing OBM (Oil-Based Mud) recovered by the VCD (Vertical Cuttings Dryer) to remove colloidal solids that are not removable by centrifuging to improve the mud for reuse.

The ESC is used to treat OBM fluid stored in liquid mud plants to remove colloidal solids and enhance mud properties without dilution or chemical additions.  This reduces costs associated with base oil requirements and whole mud storage volumes.

The ESC can recover pure base oil from the OBM that is not altered by temperature and is virtually solids-free.  The technology works with exceptional energy efficiency that creates a lower carbon footprint to support our customer`s commitment to sustainability.

This can provide considerable cost savings and ESG benefits to our customers.

For more info, please refer to: ESC presentation 2024