Rig Intake Solids Control and Waste Management Assessment

Installation and Commissioning of Cuttings Management, Drilling Fluids, and Waste Management Systems on 6th Generation Drillship

While the drilling unit was hot-stacked in Las Palmas prior to mobilization to St. John`s, Newfoundland the following work scope was completed as part of the rig intake on behalf of the operator.

An assessment was performed on the existing solids control equipment including the CS-03 cuttings dryer, twin HS 3400 centrifuges,  5 VSM-300 and one scalper shale shakers.

  • Dryer was established to have suffered multiple plugging incidents on previous deep-water program.
  • Dryer screen size was not optimal and it was established that the flushing jets were installed incorrect rendering the existing flush ring ineffective. This assessment resulted in an excellent managed project by Stena to upgrade the existing dryer and the procurement, installation, and commissioning of a second redundant dryer including the modified cuttings transport system.
  • Audited shale shaker performance including G-force assessment and total screen inventory.
  • Conducted an internal inspection of existing decanter centrifuges.

Conducted an assessment on the drilling unit`s entire zero discharge system. It was established that the system could monitor total oil and grease (TOG) but not treat contaminated fluid. Shipping onshore with the associated transport and disposal costs would be required if the TOG exceeded local NL regulations. Proposal was generated for a Dissolved Air Filtration (DAF) unit to treat offshore generated slops and rainwater.

Field Report – Stena IceMax (PDF download)