Bordis’ goal is to work with technology  partners to develop solutions for the management of industrial process working fluids and effluents in various industries through mutually beneficial agreements.


Elgin Separaton Solutions is a worldwide OEM and leader in design, manufacture and service of specialized processing equipment. See homepage

Elgin is vertically integrated with manufacturing and design capabilities focused on the modular  construction and full integration of systems for the life-cycle of a project and not simply individual equipment components. Their approach aligns perfectly with the solutions driven philosophy of Bordis.

Specialists in solids conveyance systems, sophisticated PLC driven automation systems, repair and remanufacturing services in multiple industries including the following;

  • Mining and Aggregate
  • Trenchless Construction
  • Oil and Gas / Dewatering
  • Dredge Dewatering
  • Waste Management
  • Custom Fabrication

First and only vertical cuttings dryer capable of handling oil-based and water-based cuttings without having to change out screens or flights. Designed to reduce drill cuttings moisture on waste solids by 90%.

Turn-key Hydrovac Fluid Processing Packages are available as individual sub-systems that can be integrated in different configurations to provide the optimum system for the specific situation. The level of automation and customization is provided to meet the customer needs and budget.

Elgin manufactures a full range of mud reclamation package systems to pair with the most common HDD rigs on the market.

Hydrovac Shaker
Ground Effects Environmental Services
  • GEE is a Canadian company located in Regina, Saskatchewan that has executed projects  worldwide. See homepage
  • Technologies for multiple market segments including oil and gas, municipal, industrial,  mining and agriculture.
  • GEE patented technology for a powerful, turnkey, chemical-free waste-water treatment using the Electrocatalytic Oxidation (EOX) treatment system. System can be utilized on offshore drilling  units and production facilities such as FPSOs.
  • GEE patented, unique, technology called the Electro Separation Cell System (ESC) that removes colloidal solids consistently from synthetic oil-based muds (SBM) for re use of the fluid. ESC can separate SBM into constituent components enabling recovery of base oil. Both are proven processes that generate large cost savings. ESC Ultrafine Solids Solutions 2021 (Download ppt file – 23 mb)
  • GEE patented in-situ Electrokinetic Soil Remediation technology (EK3), Multi-Phase Extraction soil remediation, and Soil Vapour Extraction.
  • Many other unique technologies for fluid filtration and separation, soil remediation, solids control and
    bio-decontamination of areas against viruses, bacteria and pathogens.
Slops and Produced Water Treatment
Ground Effects Environmental Services

Intelligent Mud Solutions is a Norwegian company that has developed patented technology that provides automation of the analysis and measurement of drilling fluid properties (mud) while drilling the well. See home page:

RheoSense Technology is an autonomous measurement skid installed within the fluid process that provides real-time continuous mud property analysis in ambient and API values.

What makes RheoSense unique?

Autonomous measurement skid installed at to the fluid process and provides real-time continuous mud property analysis to users.​

Rheology: 3, 6, 30, 60, 100, 200, 300, 600 rpm​
Density: 400 – 2300 g/l​
Gel: 10s, 10min​
Temp: 4 – 80°C​

  • Hands free operation – Reduction of POB
  • Provides properties at ambient and API values.​
  • Measures OBM, WBM and all alternative fluid systems.​
  • No radioactive instruments
  • Tolerates particle sizes to 6 mm.​
  • High availability – Uptime >97%.
  • Proven operational cost savings (ref scenario 3)
  • Full data integration with any 3rd party system
  • Powerful data analysis tools
  • Remote access to data
  • Remote software update
  • Remote support
  • Customised and flexible reporting options
  • True real time data trends, 5 sec update
Intelligent Mud Solutions
Intelligent Mud Solutions
Intelligent Mud Solutions

Solidsvac provide the worlds only continuous flow solids pump. See their homepage at






Solidsvac Dewatering Screens

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