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Solidsvac – Solids Pumping Systems

July 26, 2021- Bordis is pleased to announce that we have become distributors for Solidsvac for Canada and Colombia.  Solidsvac is headquartered in Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia.  Bordis looks forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with Solidsvac and is commencing with the movement of Solidsvac equipment to Colombia. See their homepage at https://solidsvac.com/

Rig Intake Solids Control and Waste Management Assessment

Installation and Commissioning of Cuttings Management, Drilling Fluids, and Waste Management Systems on 6th Generation Drillship While the drilling unit was hot-stacked in Las Palmas prior to mobilization to St. John`s, Newfoundland the following work scope was completed as part of the rig intake on behalf of the operator.

Offshore Slops Management

Offshore / Onshore Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Over a two-year period from 2017 to 2019 Bordis management worked with a deep-water semi-submersible offshore Newfoundland primarily conducting intervention activities on existing wells, but also drilling new wells using synthetic oil-based mud (SBM). Regulatory requirements called for deck slops to be captured and treated before water disposal […]